Hypnotherapy services and fees

Hypnotherapy Services and Fees

EcoMindz services are focused on helping you manage stress, overcome anxiety, trauma, and phobias, stop smoking, and combat related challenges for good so you can get back to the control seat!  We specialize in anxiety and related challenges so we can provide you the best anxiety treatment that gives you results that last.  We target the source, on a subconscious level, we provide you with new tools and techniques and build new neural pathways.


We even provide you with a recording of your hypnosis session!


Each person, like you, has a different perception of the world because we all look through different lenses due to our background, experiences, and skills. Together, we can explore those differences and even open up a few different perspectives.

Read about our Hypnotherapy services and fees and how we can work together below.


We provide the best anxiety treatment so if you were searching for ‘anxiety treatment near me” then you have come to the right place!

How we can work together:

We analyse the challenge(s) you are facing

We use a set of therapeutic tools to get you results

We provide life skills coaching

Ecomindz therapeutic tools for best anxiety and stress treatment:

We can effectively lower stress responses and teach you new techniques to manage stress and anxiety using Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy, Psychoeducation (and Heartmath coaching coming soon).

Strategic Psychotherapy for enhanced stress and anxiety therapy

Strategic Psychotherapy used with hypnosis as the vehicle to deliver the therapy is a highly affective method with a faster outcome rate than without.
Psychotherapy is a talk therapy combining a variety of techniques including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). It is used as a psychological treatment for a variety of mental health challenges like anxiety. Strategic psychotherapy asks “how do you do that” and not “why do you do that” in order to change behaviour to give you a different outcome than before. 

We are able to alter unwanted patterns of behaviour, interrupt negative processes learnt through experience and create new neural pathways and thus new patterns of behaviour. This is a solution that is faster and also long lasting.

We combine all our techniques to provide you with the best anxiety treatment with proven results.  

Psychoeducation so you get a better understanding of your mental health

Your dedicated Clinical Hypnotherapist (Hypno therapist) will provide you with psychoeducation prior to the hypnosis session to educate about a specific challenge i.e. anxiety or stress.  your Hypnotherapist (Hypno therapist) will also provide ongoing education and help with stress and anxiety in each session. We also provide you with added tools and techniques for relaxation, meditation and even self hypnosis.

Clinical Hypnosis to deal with the source

Hypnosis a relaxed state of undivided concentration in which we bypass the conscious mind in order to address the subconscious mind, which is where behaviour originates. There are many forms of hypnotherapy dating back to the 1940’s of which many only had a 30% success rate as it was not tailored to a person but rather one size fits all approach.

We do Neo-Ericksonian Strategic and Clinical Hypnotherapy which is a newer form of hypnotherapy in Australia and is evidence based, client centred and outcome orientated.

We have developed an anxiety program that has proven results and we believe it is the best anxiety treatment around.

We have developed an anxiety program that has proven results and we believe it is the best anxiety treatment around.  People come to Ecomindz for IBS, fear of heights, driving anxiety, social anxiety, generalised anxiety, trichotillomania (Hair pulling), driving anxiety, anger management, lack of motivation, past trauma etc.

Neuro-linguistic programming to further enhance outcomes

NLP was created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. It involves the connection between your neurological processes (how we perceive the world), language (how we communicate) and programming (habitual patterns which determines how we operate in the world). NLP as a therapeutic tool is used to change these patterns and processes in order to achieve a particular goal so this added tool is very valuable with anxiety and stress treatment. NLP is known as a successful treatment of depression, phobias, and anxiety, as well as a development tool in corporate businesses for leadership training.

We provide you with NLP techniques you can use to further help you with stress and anxiety related challenges.

Strategic Coaching to move you forward

Strategic coaching is an elite form of coaching whereby values, belief systems and you as a whole person is the center point of achieving goals. We take it a few steps further by going into your deep seeded beliefs, your perceptual filters created through your life experiences , as well as the unconscious patterns which either stop or drive you to move forward.

We use coaching as part of our therapy to help you move forward and become unstuck.  

Invest in yourself

Ecomindz Hypnotherapy fees and packages:

A 5% surcharge applies to Afterpay payments. Book online with a small deposit and pay the rest in-clinic with Afterpay, 25% at the consultation and 25% per fortnight thereafter. Interest-free!

In-clinic and Online consultations are available. We are a covid safe clnic.

Booking terms & conditions: Please refer to our T&C by clicking here

"Feeling better after therapy is good, but doing better for good is our ultimate goal"

Types of anxiety and related challenges we can work on

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.” – Nido Qubein

We specialize in providing hypnotherapy to manage stress, overcome anxiety, phobias, and trauma as well as stop smoking hypnotherapy in Sydney at our clinic in Gregory Hills and across the globe if online sessions appeal to you.

We target the root cause with Clinical Hypnotherapy so you combat stress, stop smoking and overcome anxiety, trauma, and related challenges for good!

We proud ourselves with the best anxiety treatment around with a Government accredited and certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (Hypno therapist) dedicated to getting you results that last!

We can help you with:

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