You have come to the right place, now sit back and relax, we can help!

We specialise in providing solutions to overcome anxiety, stress and related challenges like depression, phobias or addictions.

We do not dwell on your past, after all your past is already where it belongs – in the past. We focus on your future!

No judgement, safe and confidential environment with a caring therapist who uses bespoke evidence-based approaches. This is because you are not a label or diagnoses, you are so much more.


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"Are you feeling anxious, stressed or worried?"
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"Feeling better after therapy is good, but doing better for good is better!”
A set of therapeutic solutions tailored to you.
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Why choose Ecomindz?
What are the unique benefits of Ecomindz? Why would it be the right solution for you?
Why choose us?

Types of anxiety and related challenges we can work on

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.” – Nido Qubein

We can help you with anxiety and stress therapy and coaching solutions in Sydney at our clinic in Gregory Hills and across the globe if online sessions appeal to you.

We employ a variety of strategies because you are unique, and we understand that.


We can help you with:

We treat people, not labels.

It is easy to become preoccupied with labels society places upon you – “I am just a depressed person”, or “I am just an anxious person”. You are so much more than those labels, you are ever-changing, always evolving to meet your potential.

We treat you, not the label. You, our client, are the centre of the therapy and finding solutions fast is the target so that you can go and live the life as intended for you. Ecomindz is unique in its approach and uses evidence-based therapies tailored around you, our client. 

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Our promise to you:
A safe space.

We provide a safe and non-judgmental environment.


We tailor solutions unique to you.


We find strengths you may not be aware of.


We deliver on our promises each time.

What we ask of you:
Let us help you.

Be yourself.


Say as much or as little as you want.


Do the tasks we ask you to do.


Be prepared to get an outcome.

The steps to start feeling better and doing better:

Choose a time for in person sessions at the location:

Healing your body by healing your mind clinic,
Suite 2107, Level 2
NSW, 2557


Or online Telehealth video sessions by clicking on the Booking button.


The initial session is typically 1.5 – 2 hours and includes our initial chat around what outcomes you want and what Ecomindz can help you with. In this consultation we get the chance to get to know each other and see whether we are a good fit to work together. The first 20 minutes are free of charge. Should we decide to work together we will begin therapy in the first session and then you can book either single sessions or a package to continue with our plan to achieve your goals.

Once you have made a booking, you will receive an email with our intake and consent form to complete. This will allow me to be prepared for our first session and give you some more info which then takes care of the boring admin before we meet! 

After the first consultation clients typically book anywhere from 1 to 8 sessions, for an hour and 15 minutes each depending on what you want to work on. In your sessions, we will use different therapeutic techniques as well as learning new skills, each individually tailored to you.

Each session will also have some homework for you to do. Don’t worry – it is very enjoyable and takes minimal time so it can fit into your daily life while working towards your outcomes. Your homework will involve listening to recordings and other cognitive behavioural activities to further cement your outcomes.

You feel better and most importantly are doing better for good!

First 20mins are obligation free

What people say about us

Nai Ann
“Genine is an amazing practitioner and a highly skilled professional. With her combined skills in NLP, Hypnotherapy and Counselling, and tailoring these to the individual, she has helped me move through numerous limiting beliefs with ease and has effectively improved my responses to difficult and stressful stages of my life over the past few years. She also has such a sincere and caring personality, genuinely wanting to help you overcome obstacles, which makes her such a delight to work with. I would highly recommend working with Genine if you are highly stressed and feel overwhelmed in life.”
"I can highly recommend Genine Raats as an experienced and committed therapist. I believe Genine brings a combination of background, dedication and genuine care.You will find a warm and genuine therapist, who is in the industry to make a difference to the lives she touches."
"Genine has a way of putting you at comfort and ease when you first meet her. To me meeting her for the first I felt like I was just revisiting an old friend. I came to Genine feeling stuck and in what you can say a rut. She was able to see beyond my situation to help me see my ‘ blind spots” or experiential gap as she has explained to me. Thanks to Genine’s wealth of knowledge and dedication to find solutions , I now have tools and techniques to help me to shift my perspective positively. I finally have my life back in control, what more can one ask for, thank you Genine for your invaluable insight and service."
Genine is truly genuine in the therapy gives, taking the time to really understand my mental health on an individual level.
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Genine's service from start to finish was very impressive. You immediately feel at ease with her, she really gets it and she understood my individual needs. I really liked her approach. Genine's knowledge and experience has really helped me with my personal development.
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5 Star Google rating