You have come to the right place, we specialise in Anxiety treatment!

We provide therapeutic hypnosis for help with anxiety, stress and related challenges like smoking cessation, phobias, trauma and more. Now sit back and relax, we can help!

We do not dwell on your past, after all your past is already where it belongs – in the past. With hypnotherapy, we focus on your future!

No judgment, enjoy a safe and confidential environment with a caring therapist who uses bespoke evidence-based approaches. This is because you are not a label or diagnosis, you are so much more.

Our sessions are a tad longer so that you will never feel rushed in our clinic.

We provide the best treatment for anxiety!

Anxiety and related challenges we can work on

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.” – Nido Qubein

We help you by providing hypnotherapy and coaching solutions at our Sydney clinic in Gregory Hills, and across the globe if online sessions appeal to you.

Our Hypnotherapy sessions will target stress, anxiety, smoking cessation, dependencies, trauma and other challenges at their roots with Clinical Hypnotherapy so you overcome them for good!

Let us help you with:

We specialise in providing hypnotherapy help for anxiety, stress, stop smoking hypnotherapy and overcome trauma or phobias.

"Feeling better after therapy is good, but doing better for good is our ultimate goal"

We treat people, not labels.

It is easy to become preoccupied with labels that society places upon you – “I am just a depressed person”, or “I am just an anxious person”. You are so much more than those labels, you are ever-changing, always evolving to meet your potential.  With Clinical Hypnotherapy we can help you reach that potential!

We treat you, not the label. You, our client, are the centre of the therapy and finding solutions fast is the target. We want you to go and live the life intended for you. Ecomindz is unique in its approach and uses evidence-based therapies, including hypnosis tailored around you, our client. 

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Our promise:
a safe space.

We provide a safe and non-judgmental environment.

We tailor Hypnotherapy solutions unique to you.

We focus on results so you can overcome challenges for good.

We take time with each session so you feel relaxed and are being heard

What we ask:
let us help you.

Be yourself.


Say as much or as little as you want.


Do the tasks we ask you to do.


Be prepared to get results.

Steps to start feeling better:

Choose a time for in person Hypnotherapy sessions at our clinic:

Room 5,
Suite 2107, Level 2
NSW, 2557
(Inside The Sport and Health Clinic)

OR select online Telehealth video sessions when booking below.

Your initial Hypnotherapy session with your dedicated Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (Hypno therapist) is typically 1.5 – 2 hours and includes an initial chat around what outcomes you wish to achieve, and what Ecomindz can help you with. In this consultation we have the chance to get to know each other and see whether we are a good fit because it is important that you feel comfortable. The first 20 minutes are obligation free so you do not have to feel obligated to continue. Should we decide to work together, we will begin therapy in the first session and as a result you can start enjoying the benefits immediately. You can then book single sessions or a package to continue with our plan to achieve your goals.

Once you have made a booking, you will receive an email with an intake and consent form to complete. This will allow your therapist to be prepared for your first session and give you some more information. This takes care of the boring admin requirements before we meet! 

We will communicate to you our recommendations on the amount of sessions required, clients typically book between 1 to 7 sessions. Each subsequent session lasts a minimum of one hour and will cover the challenges you want to work on. Sometimes, the initial session provides the results you require. In your sessions, we will use different therapeutic techniques, as well as learning new skills to address the challenges you would like to work on. Each Hypnotherapy session is individually tailored to you. Anxiety is typically a minimum of 4 session, smoking cessation usually 1-2 unless anxiety is the driver where smoking has become a coping strategy. In this case your Therapist will suggest further sessions specifically targeting anxiety.

After each session there will be some homework. Don’t worry – it is very enjoyable and takes minimal time, so it can fit into your daily life. Your homework will involve listening to recordings and other cognitive behavioural activities, if required,  to further cement your outcomes.

You got results, you feel better, and most importantly are doing better for good!

First 20mins are obligation free

What our clients say

David - Stress & Grief
I attended a session at EcoMindz Clinical Hypnotherapy late last year to assist me in relieving stress that was associated with the loss of several family members over a few months which seemed to be affecting my physical health. I discussed this with Genine, and she was able to assist me in dealing with this, giving me the tools to help cope with this situation. The health issue dissipated. During the session Genine was also able to assist me in clearing another issue that had been with me for many years. This too was addressed and is now longer an issue. I highly recommend Genine. Genine is Professional, caring and provides an excellent service!
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